Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the 2022 Annual Conference?
All 2022 Annual Conference training sessions will take place virtually via GoToWebinar. There is no in-person attendance option.

How do I register for Annual Conference sessions?
Click the "register" link above to see a full list of sessions. Click the "Register" button for each session you want to attend and follow the prompts to register through GoToWebinar. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the sessions. You can then use the emailed link to join the webinars when they start. Every session must be registered for individually. There is no option to register for all sessions at once.

How do I join Annual Conference sessions?
Attendees must use the unique join links generated for and emailed to them by GoToWebinar to join live sessions. Attendees may not share webinar login credentials. Using another attendee's login link and credentials will disqualify one from receiving CEUs. Listening by telephone only will also disqualify one from receiving credit. Please join with the GoToWebinar app or web service using your unique participant link.

What if I don't receive the confirmation/join emails from GoToWebinar?
The confirmation emails are automated and prone to being flagged as junk. If you register for a session but don't receive a confirmation, check your spam folder. If the messages are still not coming through, consult your agency's IT manager. You can also send an email to to make sure that the email address you registered with is correct.

How is attendance taken?
Attendance for each session will be taken electronically using reports from GoToWebinar. To qualify for CEUs, attendees must attend through the GoToWebinar web service or app. Guests who arrive late or leave early may only be eligible for partial credit. You must join each webinar using the same email address you used to register in order to be marked present. Taking part by telephone only will not qualify one for CEUs.

The Ohio Council's attendance requirements are determined by relevant state licensing agencies and cannot be changed. Please note that GoToWebinar also requires attendees to have the webinar playing in the top (i.e. active) window of their desktop and will flag them as "inattentive" if the webinar is playing in the background. To be sure you are marked present and qualify for CEUs, please do not multitask while watching Annual Conference webinars.

Can I attend the Conference sessions by telephone?
No. It is technically possible to call in and listen to a conference session by telephone, but you will not be marked present or be eligible to receive CEUs. To receive credit, attendees must watch the webinars live through GoToWebinar.

Can I watch the sessions alongside a coworker on the same device?
Watching or listening along with sessions for which another person has signed up will disqualify you from receiving CEUs as we will be unable to confirm your attendance. Attendees must register, pay, and attend individually in order to receive credit.

Will the conference webinars be recorded?

Will presenters' slides be available for download?
Yes. Slides will be posted to when they become available.

How much do sessions cost, and how will payment be processed?
Sessions are priced individually as marked at member and non-member rates. Members will be sent discount codes to secure member rates at the time of registration. Attendance fees are payable at the time of registration. Credit cards are accepted through the secure Stripe payment service.

Can I cancel my registration for a refund?
No. Please understand that due to fixed costs associated with the 2022 Annual Conference, session registration fees are non-refundable.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?
Yes. Registrations are transferable to other staff members within one's organization with advance notice. To do this, please send an email to Ohio Council Administrative Assistant Brenna Whiteside at at least one week before the session is scheduled to begin. Please include the full names, titles, license numbers, and contact information of the original registrant and the person to whom the registration is being transferred.

Please note that due to demands on our team related to the Conference, The Ohio Council cannot guarantee that last-minute transfer requests will be processed in time to be counted present for the training if requests are not made in a timely manner. Please allow at least at least 5 business days prior to the session start date to process registration transfers.